Nutrition and Hydration

Feedback after Hydration and Nutrition workshop

How useful was the session in terms of your sports participation and performance (or your childs)?

'We both enjoyed the session and learned a lot from it. While parents may appear to nag about healthy eating, hearing good nutritional advice, and all about the importance of hydration from a professional meant it carried far more weight'

'The session was excellent and as I parent I saw an immediate impact. My son has taken on board what was said and has made small adjustments. As a parent I was particularly pleased to see make changes to what he would eat before training and games'

'Personally I found it very useful. The information that was given out was relevant and was easily adaptable to cricket. By having this information, players will have a better understand to why they eat certain foods and what affect this will have on their body' 

Feedback after Hydration and Nutrition workshop

What are you going to change in terms of your nutrition and hydration behaviour? 

'Take home messages were to improve hydration so drink more and eat at correct times to aid performance. It also settled the sports drink debate in our household!'

'Again, the impact was immediate. We had to go to the supermarket after the sessions and I was delighted with the choices and suggestions my son was making.... And are still being made. I have noticed him taking a water bottle to school each day'

'I have, and will continue to change many things of my nutrition and hydration behaviour. I eat a lot more for my lunch as before I hardly ate anything if at all at lunch and I’ve seen a definite positive change in my energy levels and motivation'